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Alrighty, so this didn’t take me as long as I thought it would. o.o Even still, there may be errors and such in the anatomy, so please ignore them for now.

Now! I said I was gonna draw more for the Zombie AU, so I did! Sorta-kinda ref things for the anthro versions of Twilight, Sweetie Belle, and Rarity. Spike isn’t anthro, but I’d think he’d be bigger in this AU. Anyway, as a recap, this AU takes place about 6+ years into a zombie/infection outbreak. The Mane 6 actually don’t know each other prior to the outbreak, however they WILL meet up with one another eventually and making a journey toward what they hope is safety. Where that is, no one really knows (rumors lead them to different places) but they’ll continue to try.

The characters are a little different due to the circumstances they’re in, but in their core they remain the same.

**WARNING! TL:DReaders may want to skip this up; it got longer than I thought it would. >.>**

First up is Twilight. Years of traveling and surviving basically alone has left her rather strong physically, and she definitely has to be, given the fact that, while she still has her magic, the almost constant lack of sleep and proper food makes it hard for any unicorn to actually use them in prolonged periods of time. She is covered in scars, the most noticeable being the ones on her face (two on her left check, one vertical one under her eye, and a cut on her lip on the left side). I wanted her to have a somewhat unkempt look to her; a shaggy mane, unshorn fetlocks, a tired look to her, ripped up clothes. Her favorite weapon is a rusty old combat knife she keeps on her at all times (it used to be Shining Armor’s), and a small pistol  she only uses when necessary.

Years of surviving in a such a world has left Twilight far more distrustful and cautious, especially of the living. She knows that the dead isn’t so much a threat as they a force of nature; it’s the unpredictable living you have to watch out for. Because of this, she highly prefers to be alone, and basically have been for the past five years (she tried sticking with a group toward the beginning of the outbreak; it didn’t work out at all). It’s due to this that she also prefers simply moving constantly instead of staying in one spot like the so-called “safe zones” advise; she knows that it’s dangerous to stay in one area for too long. She still has some of her morality, though, as in she isn’t cold-hearted. She does what is necessary to survive, but she tries not to screw anyone else over if she can help it. The fact that she even kept so much of her morality intact is mostly thanks to her being in the company of Spike. She taught the young drake everything she knows so he can survive if he’s alone, but she’ll be damned if she lets anything happen to him.

Rarity is shorter and a more slender build than Twilight, but that doesn’t make her any weaker. Where she lacks in strength she makes up for in endurance. Her sharp, excellent eyesight has her with breathtaking aim, to where it’s rare that she misses her shot. Pair that with the years of archery she has under her belt (accumulated before everything went to crap) and you have yourself a deadly mare. She’s more well kempt than Twilight is, however she is still smudged with dirt and also has the bags of one who rarely gets decent sleep. What helps keep her sane is the fact that she still carries a thread and needle, and when she can, she repairs her and Sweetie’s clothing. She’s also learned how to do stitches well over the years.

Rarity, like any other survivor, knows to be weary of strangers, but she may be just a smidge more trustful than Twilight mainly because she was in a group for far longer. She’s adept at surviving, but she’s more accustomed to survival with more than three others, so her separation from her group has definitely taken a toll on her. Rarity is the only caretaker of the young Sweetie Belle; this is due to the loss of their parents soon after the outbreak happened. Rarity, unlike Twilight, hasn’t really taught Sweetie Belle much about surviving on her own except for the basics (forage, scavange, never to waste, remain quite, remain alert, don’t get caught), mainly because of the security felt in such a large, functioning group. Reality crashes down on the mare when said group is ambushed, and she now knows better that the young filly must learn more if she is to survive such an unforgiving world.

Spike, as I’ve said, is bigger in this AU, however he’s still considered a child/pre-teen due to his age. I didn’t think it necessary to give him clothes, so I didn’t. However, I do think he would carry around a jacket and perhaps some pants just in case it gets too cold even for him. Spike has the advantage in that, even as a youngster, he has a tougher hide than that of ponies, so him being bitten isn’t as pressing. Despite this, he must avoid being bit at all costs; even with his tougher hide, it doesn’t take long before a zombie’s unrestrained bite will pierce right through it. His tough scales doesn’t amount for much when in the face of a gun either. Spike, while armed with claws, still has his own switchblade and a pistol of his own. Despite having firebreath, using them on zombies is a TERRIBLE idea.

Spike, being as young as he was when the outbreak started, actually doesn’t remember much from before the outbreak.  As such, he doesn’t know much about the time before, so he doesn’t have the same understanding and pain the adults do when it comes to their situation. Even still, he recognizes that the danger is very real, and remains on his toes. Despite their situation, Spike is still very much the same drake that we know; he still likes to joke, he’s kind-of a smartass, but he’s dedicated and hardworking and reliable and trustworthy. He’s far more interested in reading, and he loves learning things about the time before the outbreak from Twilight. His outlook on the world isn’t naive, however he still likes to remain as optimistic as he can. Despite his age, Twilight has made sure he is taught everything she knows so that, if anything were to happen, he would be able to take care of himself. Spike will fight tooth and claw before he lets anything happen to Twi, however.

And finally, Sweetie Belle. She’s a bit younger than Spike, but like the Drake, she doesn’t much remember how it was before the outbreak happened. All she really remembers is that Rarity has been there for her for all of her life. She’s a bit on the short side and isn’t equipped with anything to defend herself; this is because, when in a large group, they didn’t really see it necessary for foals to carry anything with the adults around. That quickly changes and, after being separated from the group, Rarity will eventually give Sweetie a weapon of her own.

Sweetie, while knowing the basics of survival, doesn’t actually have the experience needed to survive on her own. This is mostly because Rarity was lulled into a sense of security with their group, but this quickly changes when the sisters are separated and poor Sweetie was shot in the shoulder during their escape. The foal survives, but this is enough for Rarity to see that she needs to better teach Sweetie about living in such a hellish world. Despite all of the crap she’s seen, Sweetie is still… well, a sweetheart. She’s a bit naive at times, however she isn’t stupid; while not as much as Spike has endured, she’s seen enough cruelty in her life to know that not everyone can be seen as a possible ally. 


Rarity and Sweetie Belle encounters Twilight and Spike a few days after being separated from their group. Despite her usual reservations, for whatever reason Twilight allows Rarity and Sweetie to travel with her and Spike as they journey across country. They will eventually meet with the rest of the Mane 6 (CMC included).

AND THERE YOU GO! WHEW! Long wall of text is long. D8

At any rate, keep a lookout for the rest of the gals, for I will be drawing them soon enough. C: And if you guys so choose, feel free to write somethin’ that takes place in this AU (AKA: YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT I WILL LOVE YOU 5EVAH).

BuuuuUUUuuuuut yeah. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. And thanks for takin’ a look! 8D

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fun fact: Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is canonically a girl

well what does that look like if not a girl

LUV this girl

luv this girl..

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Figured I needed some new content for this bright shiny fresh blog :)))

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So yeah I’m over tired and drew a tiny octopus-mer Clay because I thought it would be cute. Yeah I think I like drawing mer-people too much lately oh well XD


So yeah I’m over tired and drew a tiny octopus-mer Clay because I thought it would be cute. 
Yeah I think I like drawing mer-people too much lately oh well XD

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Tweetiel —> Crestiel

Normal / Flying

Artist: Cerulebell

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Just because we’re small..


doesn’t mean we aren’t a lot to handle.


that we don’t have the same health issues.image

we need lots of mental stimulation to be healthy.


The whole world is supposed to be our cage so we deserve the best that you can afford.


Our feet are not designed for perfect cylinders


and without proper nutrition, we won’t live for very long.


We are not a decoration, our size does not make up cheaper, we live for 25+ years and deserve to live the best lives possible.

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